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Dayyan Hamid
Class of 2020

Hello! My name is Dayyan Hamid, and I am on the build team for robotics. I joined robotics because it is something that I have done in the past, and I have a lot of interest in our school’s team. I remember seeing a robotics competition one or two years ago and thinking that it was awesome. One of my teachers in middle school, Mr. Johnson, also talked to me about it. He told me how great our school’s robotics program was and even gave me the idea of trying out. Even being able to try out even felt like a honor and making the team just made me feel ecstatic.

Being on the build team really suits me. This is because I am creative, a good problem solver, and good at following directions. Being a sophomore, I plan to stay with robotics throughout my highschool years and make many more friends on the team.

I also love sports; I play varsity football for the school team and will hopefully play for the rest of my highschool career. I had to choose between the school basketball team or robotics as a freshman, and I decided to do robotics because of what I love about it. I also want to join our track team in the spring. I hope for a good year, 2590 for the win!

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