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Drew Scilbilia
Class of 2021

Greetings, my name is Drew Scibilia. I am a freshman for the Robbinsville High School robotics team, Nemesis 2590. I am one part of the massive and ever growing marketing team on Nemesis. My skills in writing and public speaking will be a great asset on my journey through the season this year, and I cannot wait to sharpen those skills throughout the season as well. Upon first entering the high school, I was perplexed at the independence and opportunities that are available, one of those delightful opportunities being joining the Nemesis robotics team. Throughout the season, I will be very eager to observe the inner workings of an established organization, like Nemesis.

An attribute I would consider that I have attained over the years is open-mindedness. I am always open to new ideas and opportunities when they are thrust into my life. Before judging a something new, I always experiment and determine my opinion about it. This is what I have done with robotics. I have put all of my effort and ability into it and am very glad that I did. I am very excited to see how robotics will further foster my open-mindedness attribute.   

Along with joining the robotics team, I am also an active participant in Robbinsville High School cross country and spring track.


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