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Jonny Blando
Class of 2021

Hi! My name is Jonny Blando, and I’m a member of Nemesis 2590. I’ve always loved creating technology, and being innovative and creative. Nemesis is a great outlet for creativity and thinking outside the box. When I was younger, I loved creating things with Legos, and Nemesis day camps such as Discovery Day and other events inspired me to join the team and help make the robots myself. Aside from that, a love of sci-fi and seeing professional robots perform incredible tasks gave me an interest in innovating things to perform amazing tasks. Nemesis and other groups like us are inspiring applications of STEM, and I am proud to be part of it.

Outside of Nemesis, I do Mixed Martial Arts, Model UN, stage crew for the school drama, and I am a full time nerd. I know everything in Star Wars, from how lightsabers work, to what “Karabast” means. I love keeping up with the news and politics, learning random and unconventional things, writing, movies, comedy, history, video games, and the dankest of memes.

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