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Josh Lichtenstein
Class of 2021

Hello, my name is Josh Lichtenstein and I am a Freshman at Robbinsville High School.  As a new member on the marketing team, I am trying to learn as much as possible while on Nemesis.  Whether it’s making sponsor calls or emails, writing an article, or presenting to judges, there is so much to accomplish on Nemesis.  Outside of FIRST robotics, I play soccer, am involved in several clubs at RHS, and am often a volunteer at Princeton Special Sports.

I consider myself as an experience maker.  Either when I am playing a sport or outside of school, I like to make the most of activities.  Even if I am scared of something, I pride myself on being someone who can overcome their fears.  That’s also what I am looking to do in robotics.  I’m looking to expand my knowledge, learn new life experiences, and hopefully become a core member of the team

I can’t wait for the what the future of robotics has in store for me and how it will impact my life.


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