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Joshua Poravanthattil
Class of 2018

Hi! My name is Joshua Poravanthattil and I am a junior bestowed with the honor of joining the software team on Nemesis. As a junior with a year of computer science skills to validate my credibility for software, I definitely believe that this year will be a phenomenal opportunity to augment my skills and provide a beneficial impact on the team. Since my exposure is limited to my one year on the team, I am definitely looking forward to meeting new people, learning new things, and having a productive time throughout the build season and its strenuous assets. This year I am taking Calculus, AP Physics, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing to nurture my growing skills towards the field of engineering. Learning how to program the various sensors and understand the development of synthesized hardware and software truly expands one’s perspective towards the consensus of robotics as a growing, successful field. Aside from robotics, I am involved in tennis, Science Olympiad, Math League, Trivia Club, and FMLA. The reason I joined the robotics team is to witness teamwork, cooperation, and rewarding success in its fullest. I am definitely looking forward to the initiation of build season, perseverance through difficult challenges, and an ultimate success.

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