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Matt Fox
Class of 2019

Hi, I’m Matt Fox.

But you already know that. I have been a part of the Nemɘsis 2590 family for two full years, starting at my freshman year. As I enter my junior year on the team, I hope to take on more responsibility. Even at Brunswick Eruption earlier this year, I had the chance to operate the robot on the field. It was exciting to be up on the field for the first time and having the opportunity to apply all the hard work of the software and build teams this past season.

This coming build season, I intend to work on several projects that will hopefully streamline the processes of the software team. I look forward to taking up more responsibility in my work. Last year, I learned a lot about my fellow team members and about programming the robot. I hope to apply what I learned last year and build on my existing knowledge. I also hope that being on the robotics team will continue to prepare me for college and my field of work.

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