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Jeff Keller
R&D Engineer, Continuum Dynamics, Inc.

Jeff Keller is an aeronautical engineer with degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Princeton University.  He works as an R&D engineer for Continuum Dynamics, Inc. in Ewing, New Jersey where he develops and integrates software models for helicopter and aircraft aerodynamics analysis and flight simulation.  He is a self-proclaimed techno-geek and hacker who enjoys taking things apart to understand how things work.

I was first introduced to FIRST robotics through a co-worker who is a mentor for FRC 293 Spike (he's a great teacher and electronics/software hacker too).  In addition to being a great way to engage our kids in STEAM, it seemed like a load of fun for the students and adults alike.  When my son Alex joined Nemesis this year, I jumped at the opportunity to be a mentor and have enjoyed every day since.  When people thank me for being a mentor, my response is that I learn as much if not more from the students as I provide them.

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