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Scott Meredith
Class of 2009

"When you are solving a problem, don't worry. Now, after you have solved the problem, then that's the time to worry." - Richard Feynman

Armed with youth, vitality and a wry sense of humor, Scott Meredith is our voice of reason with an affinity for the occasional insanity of high school boys; the bridge between the adolescent mentality of the students and the sensibilities of the mentors and parents.  Good natured and astute, he “gets it” when the students share a joke or have an issue and usually resolves situations with a well placed zing. This is Scott’s seventh year as a mentor specializing in the Build Team. It is the synergy of new challenges, sports and technology that keep his interest in the FIRST competition.

Scott is an ice hockey goalie, has a passion for emerging technology and gadgets, enjoys photography, traveling, indie rock music, and playing tennis.