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Rebekah Rahman
Class of 2021

Hello there! My name is Rebekah Rahman and I’m currently a freshman at RHS and a new member on Nemesis's marketing team. I’m originally from South Carolina and I just moved to Robbinsville this year. Moving isn't always easy but I am already surrounded by amazing people who have made me feel right at home. At RHS, I am also a member of Lit Mag and I play percussion in the band.

You'll usually find me either eating, sleeping, playing Just Dance, or watching SpongeBob. My headphones are practically glued to my head and can be heard blasting music at maximum volume. I have a special place in my heart for classic horror and sci-fi (think the Twilight Zone and every Alfred Hitchcock movie ever), and I love reading (preferably romance) and writing.

In the future, I hope to study abroad and travel the world. I plan on pursuing a career in either journalism or international business. As my first year at Nemesis begins, I look forward to working with my teammates and bringing my skills to the table. I will strive to work hard and make this year successful for both Nemesis and myself!


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