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Software Team

Who we are

The software team is responsible for programming the robot. In the preseason students learn how to use National Instrument’s LabVIEW. During build season they apply this knowledge to control the robot.

In the autonomous period a piece of LabVIEW code reads a text file stored on the robot and runs parameterized commands. The software team can easily adjust the routines by saving new text files instead of compiling and deploying the entire robot code. This method gives the software team more time to test.

Incorporating sensors and other feedback into their code, the software team automates as much of the robot for the teleoperated period as possible. Automation in teleop allows the driver to focus on larger match strategy instead of small robot intricacies. Constantly improving the software throughout competition season, the software team remains busy.

Software Team Mentors


Peter Wolfe

Team Advisor
Software Architect