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Class of 2020
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Food Drive Winners Meet Nemesis

Summer is upon us, and while everyone is getting ready to hit the beach and meet up with friends, Nemesis, Robbinsville High School’s FIRST Robotics Team 2590, is still hard at work.

After 8 successful food drives, the team continued its partnership with Sharon Elementary School. To encourage community service, a friendly competition between classes enabled Sharon School students to find their inner champions and support their community at the same time.

Students and their families donated nonperishable food items, garnering points towards the ultimate goal: a visit from Nemesis.

This year, over 2,000 non perishable items were donated to the Robbinsville Food Pantry!

The three classes with the largest donations were awarded a plaque signifying their contributions and spent an afternoon with Nemesis.  Congratulations to Ms. Dilts, Ms. Gehle, and Ms. Zaffarese and their classes

On June 5, Nemesis took Sharon School by storm, captivating the students interest with their 2017 award-winning competition robot, Eris. The event was set up into three stations. At one station, students able to witness Eris in action. The students cheered as the robot shot yellow wiffle balls high into the air, picked up gears, and navigated the Sharon School cafeteria.

“The kids were in awe when they saw Eris driving around the cafeteria and shooting the balls, cheering wildly as the balls went higher and higher in the air. Their excitement was contagious, and I was really happy to see them get more and more interested in our robot and what we do” said junior Nikita John, who helped program the NAO robot for this special event.

At another station, students watched past FIRST competitions with fascination. In the videos, robots were battling it out, trying to score the most points for their team. Students interacted with Nemesis team members where the students got to learn more about building robots and how to get involved.

At the last station, students were able to interact with Nemesis’ humanoid Nao robot. Together they laughed, told jokes, and had a dance party

“We are very thankful for the 2,000 food donations from our generous community,” said team member and food drive captain, Nick Began. “It amazed all of us to see how many students in our town love science, technology, engineering, and math, and we were fortunate to be able to reward three generous classes with a fabulous robot demonstration.

Nemesis would like to thank all of the students, families, and faculty of Sharon Elementary School. This drive would not have been possible without them. The team looks forward to continued partnership with Sharon.