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Class of 2020
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

2017 Nemesis Library Demonstration

Saturday, November 4th, Nemesis took a ride to the Robbinsville Mercer County Library. Following days of preparation, Nemesis planned a presentation, fully equipped with videos, speeches, two robots, and games for kindergarteners through seventh graders.

The attendees had a blast!

“It was really nice to see how many students were interested in what we do, despite being so young,” exclaimed Likhitha Patlolla, Marketing member.

They loved hearing about Steamworks, the FIRST Robotics 2017 challenge and meeting Eris, Nemesis’ 2017 competition robot. Students learned how the robot was built and how the software and electrical systems are integral parts of the machine. The marketing team introduced the concepts of fundraising and community service, making sure to thank those that participated in the Nemesis 2017 food drive with Sharon School.

“Watching those little kids be astonished by the robot was a great experience. It really showed me what robotics is all about,” gushed Nemesis junior, Rahul Sawant.

Everyone enjoyed playing games pretending to be the robot, finding hidden gears, and shooting fuel into the makeshift boilers. For many, dancing with the Nao humanoid robot was the highlight of their day.

With a goal to inspire a love for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathemathics), the library demonstration is an outstanding opportunity to connect with younger students and show them what makes us excited to be Nemesis.

Nemesis would like to thank the Robbinsville Library for this wonderful opportunity.