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Class of 2014
Monday, March 19, 2012

Bienvenue au Québec

The team was up with the sun on Wednesday, March 14 and arrived at the high school by 7 AM in preparation to embark on our adventure. Excitement was in the air as we loaded our bags into the LEGOLAND bus and waved “good-bye” to Robbinsville and “hello” to Montréal and the Festivale de Robotique FRC a Montreal Regional.

But we had a lot of time to kill on the eight hour bus ride. In the middle of The Dark Knight, people starting dozing and Karla took this opportunity to snap… entertaining photos of the sleeping team members. Around the three hour mark, we stopped for lunch at Roy Rogers, then continued straight until the border. All team members were quickly “okayed” to cross into Canada (passport and green card holders alike) and it became the first time out of the country for Julia and the Principato family. From there, it was a quick 40 minute drive to the hotel.

Nemesis was ecstatic to arrive at the Le Centre Sheraton around four in the afternoon. After checking out our rooms and basking in the glory of three days off school, some team members met up for a series of intense card games, while our dedicated track team members hit the gym’s treadmills. A few build team members also went to drop Prince off at the Stade Uniprix, the arena where the regional would be held. A few hours later, we headed off to the pool for some games of categories and relaxing in the whirlpool. The day was ended with an interesting pizza meal, and the team was ready for the real fun to start the next day.