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Class of 2021
Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Brunswick Eruption Gives New Members a Feeling of Unity

While upbeat dance hits played on the loudspeaker, Nemesis competed at the  off-season event Brunswick Eruption, hosted by Raider Robotix, North Brunswick Township High School’s FIRST Robotics Team. With over thirty teams from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, it was an exciting competition. Members could be seen faithfully scouting other robots, providing crucial data for future alliance decisions. Nemesis furiously cheered and chanted for the drive team as they skillfully advanced Nemesis’ 2017 competition robot, Eris, through the grueling matches.

On the field, the drive team tactfully maneuvered Eris.  Brand new team members were fascinated, watching from the edge of their seats. New drivers had the opportunity to test their skills out on the field. Nemesis emerged from the qualification matches ranked 14th. During alliance selections Nemesis was quickly chosen by the third seed alliance captain, FRC 1279, Parallel Universe, and was later joined by FRC 219, Team Impact and FRC 56, ROBBE. Together they made a strong alliance that valiantly fought through the elimination matches.

Brunswick Eruption had space for more than just robots. Party music kept everyone in high spirits. The Evil Sundae competition included member Emmy D'Amico eating a combination of sardines and whipped cream.

Faltering in the semifinals, Nemesis did not bring home the coveted win. The day was highly memorable for new team members. It gave them their first taste of just what to expect from competitions and a sense of comradery with their teammates. Freshman Kavya Velliangiri exclaimed that: “...seeing everyone as a team made me feel unified -- like a part of something bigger!” A feeling that new members relate to as they eagerly wait for kick-off in January.