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Class of 2018
Friday, October 23, 2015

Nemesis Takes a Step Towards the Future At Makerfest

Imagine making a lightsaber, driving a Do-It-Yourself car, and operating a high-tech surgical machine... all in one day. On Saturday, October 17th, Robbinsville High School FIRST Robotics Team Nemesis 2590 participated in the 2015 Jersey Shore Makerfest at Toms River High School North. The team spoke with children of all ages and their parents about FIRST,  showcased their 2013 frisbee-throwing and 2014 ball-shooting FIRST Robotics competition robots, and presented the NAO Humanoid robot.                                                   

The Makerfest attendees were impressed by the team’s achievements. Students from Toms River High School North enthusiastically expressed how much they wished they had a program like Nemesis at their school. Nemesis entertained the Superintendent of Toms River with the benefits of FIRST Robotics and even inspired and explained the steps necessary to start an FRC team. The young bright-eyed attendees’ intrigue and elation made the event much more enjoyable for Nemesis’ team members. Seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces was a rewarding experience for all of our hard work. Build Executive and senior Christian Gavalchin elaborated, “It was such an amazing experience to be with so many like-minded people”.

Besides speaking to visitors to Nemesis’ booth, the team was also given the opportunity to view other Makerfest exhibits, including Manalapan High School’s booth where team members sophomores Araba Aikins and Julia Ruch were able to make their very own dazzling-red lightsabers, and Community Medical Center’s booth where team mentor Peter Wolfe operated di Vinci surgical machines. In the venue’s parking lot, junior Charlie D’Amico tested out one Maker’s Do-It-Yourself Go-kart.

“Seeing so many different STEM fields present their findings was an excellent experience. I am glad our team was able to contribute to this amazing atmosphere,” reflected Build Executive and senior Parth Mandrekar. Makerfest was an eye-opening venture into the future and a unique event that Nemesis was grateful to attend. The opportunity to inspire and be inspired was an incredible privilege.   

  • Sophomore Melinda Beyer conversing with a Makerfest attendee

  • Nemesis members proudly display their robots