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Alec Regulski
Class of 2012
Princeton University

Hi, my name is Alec and I am involved in many things within the school, such as sports, robotics, and the Red Cross Club. The sports I am involved in are soccer, cross country, track, and lacrosse. My life is basically centered around soccer and lacrosse, which I have played ever since I was a toddler, and have been the biggest influence in my life. They helped me make friends and most of all, have fun! School is also very important to me. I really like science, and one day I aspire to be a doctor.

I became involved with robotics my junior year because I heard how cool it was and wanted to become part of the team. Many of my friends were already on the team, so I knew that it would be fun. Joining the Robotics team seemed like an excellent opportunity to expand my horizons and gain valuable life experience in a business-like environment.
I, along with two other teammates, headed the marketing division of the team. As marketing, we organized events that benefited the community as well as our team. I am very concerned with community outreach because I feel it is very important to be a part of the community that supports us. We have organized events such as food drives and Robotics Discovery Day camps.

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