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Amanda Quon
Class of 2018

Hello internet! The name’s Amanda… Amanda Quon. For Team 2590, I mainly work with editing videos and photography. Why do I do this you ask? I am in no way photogenic. So what’s the best way to not be in any photos? Be behind the camera taking them. This is my third year on the team and it’s crazy to reminisce on the memories and friends I’ve made.

Outside of the technology lab, you may see marching across the football field playing my clarinet for our school’s marching band, the Raven Regiment. I also am interested in graphic design and have created a variety of graphics and posters for the team and the school’s music department. You could say graphic design is my passion. It’s also quite possible that you will see me frantically doing homework or studying for a test because I procrastinate like a pro. The time I procrastinate is usually filled with watching my favorite creators on YouTube, complaining to my friends and family about how much work I have to do, and contemplating my life. I consider myself a large internet person as when I’m not occupied with homework or after school activities I’ll be watching YouTube videos in my room with the blinds drawn and door locked. At that point, things like food, water, and human companionship aren’t really necessary….the sad part is you probably think I’m joking.