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Jarelle Boac
Class of 2018

Hello, my name is Jarelle Boac and I learned about Nemesis’ business sub teams and its community outreach during my sophomore year. Eventually, I worked up to courage to try out and was overjoyed upon finding out I had made the team. My first responsibility was project leader of Nemesis’ annual food drive and spearheading the drive with a couple of my fellow marketing members. With over 3,000 food items donated by Robbinsville's elementary school, this food drive nearly doubled the previous year's total. The meticulous planning, communication, and teamwork involved in what was the largest project I had ever been a part of served as the perfect introduction to my upcoming robotics experiences. I've had the pleasure to write for the team, work with and balance real money, speak with judges, and talk to sponsors. I’ve also gotten the chance to meet extremely hard working and intelligent people through robotics. Being around my teammates who are so passionate for business, engineering, photography, and more pushes me to always try my best. Although this team has been a part of my life for only a year, I'm grateful for the knowledge and the FIRST experiences that I've already gained thanks to my teammates and mentors.

Outside of the tech lab, I'm the cofounder and president of the RHS Red Cross club, an executive board member of Project Unify, and a member of the RHS choir and a cappella group. I've always loved playing piano, dancing, and singing. I haven't had many solo performances--unless attempting to belt out high Cs in the hallway or choir room count--but my favorite one was singing the Philippine National Anthem at a sport fest last summer. Within my youth group, I work with the charity ANCOP to sponsor children in the Philippines. In my spare time, I’m usually singing and awkwardly dancing along to some Beyoncé. Basically, if you see someone at competition doing an "innovative" Cupid Shuffle, that’s probably me. I'm looking forward to another year of dancing in the stands, traveling, and spending my nights in the tech lab.


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