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Jarelle Boac
Class of 2018

My name is Jarelle Boac, and I’m now a senior on the marketing team of Nemesis. Working alongside professional mentors and other members as Chief Financial Officer, I've had the pleasure to write for the team, work with and balance real money, speak with judges, correspond with sponsors, create our business plan, and assist in officializing our status as a federal 501c3 nonprofit. Not many high school students can say they’ve done the same. Throughout this rollercoaster journey, FIRST robotics graced me with an irreplaceable 3 years filled with unforgettable rendezvous around the country, overwhelming joy accepting the Entrepreneurship Award with my teammates, and countless laughs and inside-jokes. Along the way, I’ve made new friends on and off my team, all incredibly talented students who motivate me to always improve and try my hardest.

Taking the real world challenges and exposure FIRST robotics equipped me with, I co-founded Robbinsville High School’s American Red Cross Club. Hosting blood drives, card drives, and a multitude of fundraisers, the club boasts a 130 person membership and recognition from the online and local newspaper. Volunteering with the Red Cross, Special Olympics as an executive member of Play Unified, and leading the Princeton Couples for Christ Youth household, I genuinely enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces. I strive to soon start my own non profit organization that can make as big of an impact that Nemesis has.

Impending is high school graduation. Soon, I’ll take my Nemesis wings and sword, these invaluable life skills and experiences, to succeed and help others in college, the professional world, and beyond.


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