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Class of 2015
Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 2: Build Journal

As our second week comes to a close, the Build Team continues to prototype unique elements to maximize our game strategy in Recycle Rush. Our build members enthusiastically welcomed back Mr. Wolfe, a lead mentor who returned after a recent surgery. In this past week, the Build Team split into different sub-teams, molding our versatile members into experts in prototyping drivetrains, indexing systems, arm mechanisms, electronics, and lifting techniques.  The CAD specialists worked diligently to keep up with our numerous physical prototypes. The sound level in the room quickly escalated as the new members experimented with our equipment, including the vertical band saw, drill press, and electric grinder -- with supervision, of course. We strive to maximize our time, using every moment to achieve our tasks, and look forward to the completion of prototyping.