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Class of 2018
Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Nemesis Takes on 2017 FIRST Championship

On April 26th, FRC team Nemesis 2590 from Robbinsville High School embarked on their final adventure of the season to the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, MO for the 2017 FIRST Championship. That same day, teams from around the globe gathered within the confines of the Dome to begin gearing up for the competition ahead. Separated into six different fields -- Daly, Darwin, Carson, Tesla, Archimedes, and Curie -- the FIRST Championship hosted 400 FRC teams ranging from regions all across the globe.

Competing in the Archimedes division, Nemesis went head to head with 65 other teams, participating in a total of ten qualification matches, two quarter final matches, and two semi-final matches. For each qualification match, Eris, Nemesis’ 2017 robot, was in fierce competition mode. Nemesis’ alliances scored an average of 315 points per match, securing Nemesis the 12th place position at the completion of the qualification rounds.  

The excitement was palpable as Nemesis awaited the start of alliance selection. After anxiously awaiting to be chosen by a top-ranked team for the elimination rounds, Nemesis was selected to join an alliance with teams 3357, The Comets, 1730, Team Driven, and Team 4779, RoboSapiens. Together these four teams made up the sixth seed alliance and were ecstatic to begin competing as a unified force.

The last time Nemesis played on the Archimedes field, they left as Einstein competitors. Finding themselves once again on Archimedes, the excitement of a potential repeat performance loomed. Quarterfinal match number one was a success for the alliance as they trounced the third seed alliance 465-210. Next, Nemesis and their alliance partners went on to secure their position in the semifinals with a score of 484-471.

The alliance entered the semifinals with high hopes, and while they put up a hard fight and played some of their best matches, they were defeated by the second seed alliance 507-468. The next match would be crucial. A win would keep the hope alive and allow Nemesis and their alliance partners a second chance to move on. They gave it all they had and played a strong game, but the final score was not in their favor, ending their competition season.

With the official 2017 FIRST Steamworks season behind them, Nemesis looks forward to their upcoming off-season events, including MidKnight Mayhem, the Indiana Robotics Invitational, and girlPOWER.

Nemesis would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to all of their sponsors Robbinsville High School, NAVAIR, CCL Label, DoDStem, Knowledgement, Nordson, Leidos, the Robbinsville Educator Association, Lockheed Martin, Sharbell Development Corp., the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Investors Bank, RAS, the Robbinsville Education Foundation, Triangle Copy, Skylink, Coldwell Banker, Northstar Vets, Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, Designtree, Siemens, SRI, McGraw Hill Financial, as well as all the Friends and Family of Nemesis.