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Julia Ruch
Class of 2018

Hello there, my name is Julia Ruch, and I am a part of the marketing subteam on Nemesis and last year I joined the team after taking Intro to Computer Science I with Mrs. Wolfe, one of Nemesis's lead mentors. To be more specific about my role on the team, if you have ever laid eyes on a Nemesis team button, there is about a 99.9% chance I hand-made that very button, and if you have ever visited Robbinsville High School and viewed either one of the Nemesis showcases you would be able to agree that they look stellar, and I would say thank you, because I strategically placed every item in them, not to mention my role as head of the spirit team, because I'm not afraid to shake my pom-poms. Aside from my job of placing objects, waving pom-poms and using the button press to my heart’s content, I have also written, or assisted in writing many articles for this very website, or articles that have been printed in various local newspapers. Although I have only been apart of the team for one full season, I can proudly say that Nemesis has already begun to shape me into a much more well-rounded person than I was at the beginning of my freshman year.

Although I do spend a large portion of my time in our school’s technology lab, or inside a showcase, there are many other ways I enjoy spending my free time. For example, I enjoy conquering right field when I play for Nightmare Fastpitch Softball, a travel softball team run out of Freehold, New Jersey.