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2017 Week 4: Marketing Journal

Heading into Week 4 of Build Season, the Marketing Team’s minds were all but fixed on one thing: Sponsor Networking Night. On Wednesday evening, we all waited anxiously  as our gracious sponsors and parents began to flood the halls. With everyone assigned a sponsor or parent, we spent the night showing them our hard work. In the hallways, we were proud to explain our amazing showcases, filled with awards, trophies and achievements. In the Tech Lab, the Build Team executives revealed this year’s game, FIRST Steamworks. Meanwhile, Marketing members gave an astounding presentation of our 2016 accomplishments. The event went flawlessly, with our sponsors and parents all left with smiles on their faces. Everyone on Nemesis was elated, but at the same time slightly disappointed, as we realized that our exciting and much-awaited Sponsor Networking night had come to a close.

With the end of Sponsor Networking Night came the beginning of preparation for the Competition Season. Our team began to finalize designs for our T-Shirts, both our annual shirt and our special edition 10th year anniversary shirt. Other Marketing members worked on perfecting the Chairman's and the Woodie Flowers Awards.

The Finance Team continued to innovate and improve on the Business Plan. They are also planning to take new members of the Marketing team to businesses to interact with local sponsors.

The Logistics Team worked on the Montreal Travel Presentation and gathering every team member's schedule to determine their competition availability.

As Build Season draws to an end, Nemesis cannot wait to compete in another season of FIRST Robotics action. We look forward to the final two weeks of this exhausting, yet rewarding, experience, and can’t wait for the season to start!



2016 Week 2: Build Journal

An intensive Week 2 of build season finally comes to a close. It has been a dramatic week as the build team had to work fast, due to an impending winter storm.  The blizzard of 2016 cost us 3 valuable days of prototyping, CADing and building which made week 2 seem to fly by. After a review of week 1, the build team divided into subteams.  Each lead by a mentor and at least 2 upperclassmen so that every aspect of the game could be covered.  Subteams began to work on initial prototypes ranging from scoring systems to drivetrains. Our mentors also began to build different field elements for our team. We appreciate them for dedicating so much time to Nemesis.

Throughout week 2, prototype subteams continued to develop and create different mechanisms and drivetrains to overcome the defenses as well as scoring boulders. As field elements became available, subteams began testing their systems and refining them to near perfection. Later in the week, subteams started to combine the individual systems to eventually form a fully prototyped robot that can overcome most obstacles.  

While the prototypes were being perfected the design team worked hard on concept sketches and began to develop the final CAD of the robot. They also refined the designs of the prototypes so that they will work with the layout of the robot. Although work in the lab was brought to a halt due to Winter Storm Jonas, the design team was able to collaborate over GrabCad and continue progress on the final CAD of the robot from home. With Week 3 beginning, fabrication of the final robot is expected to begin shortly.


2016 Week 1: Build Journal

Finally! The long awaited build season is upon us. All of us here at Nemesis are excited and already hard at work. We kicked off the week with a full team game analysis meeting where we held enthusiastic discussions on how to approach this year’s challenge-- FIRST Stronghold! After hours of brainstorming and sketching our design ideas, we picked ideas and started prototyping. Shooting the boulders and overcoming outer work defensive field elements were our priorities. Subteams were assigned to prototype several methods to achieve these tasks. In this past week, we have successfully accomplished prototyping several subsystems for our robot, such as the intake, shooting, traversing difficult terrain, and even overcoming some of the most difficult obstacles.

Both catapult style and flywheel powered shooters were designed earlier in the week and have been refined and are now consistently reaching our desired target, the high goal of the castle. Our underclassmen were heavily involved in the creation and development of these prototypes, and we are proud to see them getting so involved this early in their FIRST Robotics career.  As far as getting our ball into our shooter, our intake prototypes are able to bring in the ball quite effectively. We modified our old kit-bots with pneumatic wheels to stagger our way across the low field elements. We are looking to improve our drivetrain in this upcoming week by designing our very own custom rhino tank drive! Subteams have been working on creating an elevator rotating hook mechanism to actuate the more complex field defenses. These designs still require further improvement, but more on that next week. We are excited to combine our prototypes and turn them into a honed machine that will hopefully lead us into an exciting competition season.


2016 Week 1: Marketing Journal

Week one is over and it has been busy!  The Marketing Team has been preparing for Nemesis’ annual Sponsor Networking Night. The invitations have been made and are on their way to the post office.  In the meantime, the powerpoint and oral presentations for the evening are being created.  Team members are excited to meet sponsors and present all of the hard work we’ve done so far.  In the weeks leading up to Sponsor Networking Night, the Marketing Team will be enlightening Build Team members on presentation techniques and how to carry themselves properly, ensuring the entire team will have a polished and professional demeanor.

Furthermore, the showcases are being updated with a new set of wings and the awards and trophies won in the 2015 season.  Logistics has been working diligently to plan the team’s South Florida and St. Louis trips.  Finally, the Finance Team has sent letters thanking sponsors for recent donations as well as continuing the search for potential sponsors.  All in all, week one has been a huge success for the Marketing Team. They jumped headfirst into the work needed to be done during build season.


Prepare Your Robots, Stronghold is Coming

Let the countdown begin! On January 9, 2016, FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics teams around the world waited impatiently to discover what game would rule their lives for the next year. The task: build a competition robot in a short 6-week period with finite resources. Each year, FIRST releases a new challenge that gives high school students the opportunity to test their robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) knowledge in competitions at local, regional and international events.

Nemesis, Robbinsville High School’s FIRST Robotics Team, along with robotics teams from Allentown, Bridgewater-Raritan, Hamilton, Hightstown, Moorestown, and North Brunswick gathered at Montgomery High School for the kickoff of the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition season, excited to watch the NASA-TV webcast revealing this year’s challenge.

A collection of workshops led by members of Montgomery’s own Cougar Robotics taught students a variety of subjects including Autodesk Inventor (a Computer-Aided Design --CAD-- program), pneumatics, gearboxes, and sensors.“The workshops are a great way to start the new season. Using Autodesk Inventor challenged me in a new way and I would love to work with it again!” stated senior and Director of Marketing and Communications Mitaali Taskar.

Anticipation was high as teams gathered in the auditorium for the live stream launch of the 2016 challenge. Students held their collective breath as they waited for the game to be announced. As the countdown neared its end, the crowd went wild. The official challenge of the 2016 season would be called FIRST STRONGHOLD!

FIRST STRONGHOLD, a medieval battle-inspired game, involves two alliances of three robots each who defend their castle while storming the opposing alliance’s citadel. They can elect to utilize a spy robot in enemy territory. The end goal of the game is to capture the enemy’s tower by successfully shooting balls into the opposing castle tower then surrounding it. The match begins with a 15-second autonomous period, when the robots are controlled solely by pre-written code. The remainder of the battle is 2 minutes and 15 seconds of intense, student-driven robot competition.

Nemesis is very excited to tackle this year's challenge and build upon the success of the 2015 season, where the team won the Hatboro-Horsham and North Brunswick District Events, the Montreal Regional, and competed at the FIRST World Championship. In addition, the team was recognized for its advantageous robot design with the Excellence in Engineering Award at both the Hatboro-Horsham District and Montreal Regional competitions.

“Although a much more complicated game than last year, we hope to repeat our prior success and continue learning throughout the build sesaon,” stated Build Executive and senior Parth Mandrekar.

Most notably, in 2015, was the strong performance of Nemesis’ Business Team. The students’ comprehensive business plan and business acumen was recognized with the Entrepreneurship Award not only at the district level at North Brunswick, but also at the international level at the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis. Triumphing at the global level for the second consecutive year, Nemesis was recognized as one of the four strongest Business Teams in the world.

In the 2016 season, Nemesis will compete at the Hatboro-Horsham and Lenape-Seneca District competitions and the South Florida Regional in West Palm Beach, Florida. Qualification for the FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship and FIRST World Championship is dependent upon the team’s performance at the district and regional competitions. The team is always looking for financial and material sponsors and technical mentors. If you are interested in supporting the team please visit our website

Nemesis would like to thank their sponsors. Without them, none of this would be possible: Robbinsville High School, NAVAIR, Bristol-Myers Squibb, New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists, CCL Label, Siemens Corp., Lockheed Martin, Investor’s Bank, Robbinsville Education Association, Robbinsville Education Foundation, Designtree, Carfaro, Gilbane, RAS Process Equipment, EAG, Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, Triangle Copy, SRI International, The McGraw Hill Financial, NorthStar VETS and Coldwell Banker .


A Drive to Give

While Autumn may mean changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and upcoming holidays to some, to the members of Nemesis, the Robbinsville High School FIRST Robotics Team 2590, it means contributing to the community.

For the duration of late October to Thanksgiving, Nemesis facilitated its annual food drive by partnering with the students, teachers, and families of Sharon Elementary School with the winning class awarded with a robotics demonstration from members of the team. Spearheaded by 2590’s designated food drive team (freshmen Nicholas Began and Ethan Silberberg, sophomore Jarelle Boac, junior Liam O’Toole, and senior Mitaali Taskar), the drive accumulated over 3,000 donations. While originally planned to be stored at the Robbinsville Food Pantry, the overwhelming amount of food items accrued resulted in a large chunk of the foodstuffs being delivered to the Allentown Food Bank.

While the team initially expected approximately 800 donations by the end of the function, FRC 2590 eventually found itself with literal houses full of cake mix, instant noodles, pasta, cans of soup and (in one case) a bottle of molasses. The cornucopia of non-perishable items required multiple vans and a volunteer crew of 15 students and parents to transfer from their storage depot at a team member’s household and the high school. Upon arriving at the Robbinsville Food Pantry and after starting unloading, the senior center staff realized that the enormous amount of donations would completely fill up their storage. From there, the crew hastily packed the extra crates of food into their cars and rushed over to Allentown’s Food Pantry in order to arrive before it closed for the night. Luckily, the crew reached the church in time to unload its now reasonably sized bounty of only +2,000 cans and return to the school.

A freshman on the marketing team, Ethan Silberberg, elaborated, “You know this event has gone very well when it takes not one, but two, pantries to hold all the donations. I’m extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish and thoroughly impressed with the generosity of the Sharon School Students as well as my fellow teammates.”

The 2015 food drive has been a massive success as well as a demonstration of community values throughout both Robbinsville and Allentown. With the prior record set last year capping off at a little over 1,250 cans and boxes, the number of donations has more than doubled, shattering both the previous record and the team’s expectations.

“I can’t help but smile at the fact that this food will brighten up the days of so many right in time for Thanksgiving,” said Jarelle Boac, a sophomore marketing team member. Ms. Boac was also project leader during the drive and represented the team when coordinating with Sharon Elementary School.

In response to the generosity of both Nemesis and Sharon Elementary, Ms. Joan Witherow of the Allentown Food Pantry wrote, ““A special thank you for your giving spirit. We just can’t thank you enough. We are so grateful...We continue to be busier than ever and with your generosity we will be able to better serve those in need.” Mrs. Renee Burns of the Robbinsville Food Pantry also expressed sincere gratitude towards the overwhelming total of donations.

Overall, FRC 2590 is extremely proud and grateful for all those who helped with the 2015 Annual Food Drive and a special thanks is extended to both the Robbinsville Food Pantry and the Allentown Food Bank for being available to accept the massive number of donations. Moreover, as the drive could not have been successful without them, the team also thanks all of the parents who volunteered their time and vehicles to house and transport the donations.

However, perhaps the most deserving of thanks are the students, families and faculty of Sharon Elementary School. Without their seemingly boundless generosity, the drive would have not have been possible. Nemesis plans to continue embodying an active role in the community and collaborating

If you are interested in donating to the Robbinsville Food Pantry, it is located at the rear of the Robbinsville Senior Center at 1117 U.S. 130, Robbinsville, NJ 08691.

For more information on how to donate, please contact Renee Burns via email at or phone at (609) 259-1567 for more information.

If you are interested in donating to the Allentown Food Pantry, it is located at 20 High St, Allentown, NJ 08501.For information on how to donate, please contact by phone (609) 259-7289.


Brunswick Eruption 2015- Build Freshman Perspective

Three, Two, One…Rush! Nemesis competed at the 2015 Brunswick Eruption Competition this past weekend with high hopes. With new drivers and excited freshmen, the team could not wait to compete. Sitting eagerly in the stands, awaiting the first round of matches with scouting papers at hand, the freshmen were eager to witness their first Brunswick Eruption.

The new members arrived at North Brunswick High School with wide eyes and boundless energy, excited to attend a competition and truly understand the FIRST Robotics experience. The 2015 challenge, Recycle Rush, consists of two alliances with three robots each. Robots score points by stacking gray totes on scoring platforms, capping those stacks with green recycling containers and placing a pool noodle, representing litter, to obtain the maximum number of points. Teams can gain additional points by launching litter to the other side of the field.

Robots built stacks and sometimes even knocked them over, but the scouting training sessions paid off as diligent Nemesis scouters recorded each robot in every match. Pit Scouting helped us comprehend each team’s take on the challenge. We asked other teams questions about their drive systems, types of motors, and unique strategies.

The excitement and buzz of the competition sparked greater anticipation for the upcoming season. Students were intrigued to see the various types of robots and how each robot employed a different strategy in order to win. Not only did we see how the teams worked by themselves, but also how they cooperated in alliances with other teams. Each team was willing to help out others and provide parts if required.

Nemesis had a shaky start, but continued to excel and improve throughout the qualification matches, eventually earning the sixth seed. During alliance selections, the first seeded alliance selected Nemesis. Throughout the playoffs, Nemesis won match after match until they reached the finals. Despite an upsetting loss in the first finals match, Nemesis regrouped and fought back.

The freshmen, inspired by team Nemesis for staying strong throughout the finals, cheered loudly after the victory. Nemesis set a high standard for what the freshmen will be getting involved in for the upcoming build season. We cannot wait to head into the next FIRST Robotics season and compete in the 2016 game: Stronghold!


Nemesis Teaches STEAM to Future Generations!

On November 21, a perfect fall afternoon, over 35 energetic young children and their eager parents gathered at the Robbinsville Public Library for a demonstration of  the award-winning FIRST Robotics Team Nemesis 2590’s 2015 competition robot, Calypso. The children watched in awe as Calypso -- who towered over them -- zoomed across the floor from tote to tote, sparking a love for STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

The demonstration included a brief description of the 2015 season’s game, Recycle Rush, as well as an explanation of how Calypso functions. The young attendees asked questions about how the parts were made, what it’s like to build the robot, and how it feels to compete. Once the robot began moving around the room, all who were in attendance were astonished and impressed.

During the demonstration, the children had the opportunity to learn what autonomous mode was by playing a game similar to “Simon Says”, the only difference being their eyes were closed. Afterwards, Nemesis team members and Build Executives Samantha Young, Christian Gavalchin, and Parth Mandrekar asked questions about engineering and its importance in the real world, to which one young boy responded, “Engineering is like building things for the future”. His answer hit home for the team proving that the STEAM message has resonated with children even at such a young age.

The attendees were also introduced to the Makerbot, a 3D printer that the children were informed could one day feature in their own homes. This was mind boggling to the children and their minds went crazy with ideas of what they could potentially make with their own three-dimensional printer.  

After watching the demonstration, many of the parents who brought their young children asked how they could get their children involved with robotics and start up their own team for young children prior to high school. Luckily for them, Nemesis has an annual Discovery Day-- which will be held on December 5th and 6th this year--  where students from second to sixth grade have the opportunity to build and program Lego Mindstorms to complete a challenge. Discovery Days are often the first foray into technology for many young children and has sparked an interest in robotics. Many of the students who attend ultimately join the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics team when they reach high school.  

Build Executive  and Senior Samantha Young “Seeing the excitement in the kids’ faces, as they learned about engineering, was an inspiration to me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with these eager young students and help them explore their interests in STEAM.”

At the end of the afternoon, both parents and children alike left the event proclaiming what an extraordinary time they had learning about the exciting world of FIRST and what it  has to offer to their futures. Nemesis would like to thank the Robbinsville Public Library for the opportunity to expose the future generations to the FIRST message and STEAM.  


Nemesis Takes Home The Brunswick Eruption Tiki Again

The morning crept upon North Brunswick High School on November 7, 2015. While most people slept in on the lovely Saturday morning, a select many were gathering for a day filled with invigorating challenges, both on and off the field, an evil sundae ice cream contest, and--of course--robots!

Hosted by FIRST Robotics Team 25 Raider Robotix, Brunswick Eruption was Nemesis’ final glimpse at the previous season before starting anew. At the event, Nemesis took the opportunity to train their underclassmen in both drive and scouting teams.

The challenge, Recycle Rush, required teams to work together in alliances in order to obtain the most points for their team. Each robot stacked totes on scoring platforms in order to score points and acquired additional points by placing recycling bins atop the totes. Inserting a pool noodle, representing litter, into the recycling bins provided an opportunity for teams to gain even more points.

Despite a rocky first match--which also happened to be the first match of the competition-- Nemesis came back with a vengeance. The driver-in-training and sophomore, Dahany Choi, was behind the controls. The strategy: building at least two six-tote stacks, each one topped with a pool noodle in a recycling can.

“I had a blast driving our competition robot at a real competition. Working with other teams to most efficiently stack and play the game was such a revelation. This was what robotics is all about,” first-time driver and sophomore Dahany Choi commented.

The team had two alternating human players, junior Michael Cocciolillo and senior and Build Executive Samantha Young, feeding totes into the robot.

New members deceived a taste of scouting in the stands, one of the most crucial parts of any FIRST Robotics competition, because the information the students collected would determine what teams they chose for alliances in the final rounds of the competition.  

Finishing sixth, Nemesis joined the first alliance with teams 2607, The Fighting RoboVikings from Warminster, PA; 3142, Aperture from Newtown, NJ; and 4653, Ironmen Robotics from Ramsey, NJ, in the elimination matches. The alliance could not have been a better choice for Nemesis, having had an amazing first match in the elimination rounds putting them in second place in the competition, with still more rounds to come.

The second playoff match arrived. Nemesis, Aperture and The Fighting RoboVikings readied and soon began. There were some faults, including a toppled stack, however by the end of the match four tall stacks topped with cans and noodles stood clearly on the field.

Nemesis waited with bated breath for the results. “We will be replaying the match due to a field fault”, the announcer stated.

The team was not deterred. In fact, the rematch was even more intense than the original. The robots of the first-seeded alliance moved seamlessly, efficiently creating and topping each other's stacks. The high-scoring of all three teams paved the first alliance’s path into the semifinals.

Nemesis was a force to be reckoned with, playing strongly through the second and third semifinal matches and therefore securing a spot in the finals.

At last, the moment came. Finals. All Nemesis’ alliance needed to emerge victorious were two more wins.

The first final match was rough. The first alliance fumbled and it would be tough to come back. Nemesis had to win the next two matches in a row to come out victorious.

“I was confident that our alliance would do well; all of our teams seemed to mesh together amazingly,” said Michael Cocciolillo, sophomore and member of the Brunswick Eruption Drive Team.  

Nemesis’ alliance did come back …by the skin of their teeth, a 10-point difference in final scores. But it was enough and a tiebreaker match began. Whoever won this match would win Brunswick Eruption 2015.

Both alliances competed fiercely, but with a final score of 194 to 90, Nemesis’ alliance took home the tiki trophy.

“This is my final Brunswick Eruption and to experience victory here once again is an amazing feeling. I can’t wait for the season to start when we’ll hopefully be able to experience even more success,” enthused senior and Chief of Operations Juhi Rajgopal.  

At the end of the day, Nemesis returned home victorious with yet another Brunswick Eruption win under their belts, a great way to start their new season and give their new members a taste of a true robotics competition.

Don't forget to join Nemesis at the Hatboro-Horsham District Competition at Hatboro-Horsham High School in Horsham, PA on March 3 and 4, 2016 to support the team as it kicks off the 2016 season!


Nemesis Takes a Step Towards the Future At Makerfest

Imagine making a lightsaber, driving a Do-It-Yourself car, and operating a high-tech surgical machine... all in one day. On Saturday, October 17th, Robbinsville High School FIRST Robotics Team Nemesis 2590 participated in the 2015 Jersey Shore Makerfest at Toms River High School North. The team spoke with children of all ages and their parents about FIRST,  showcased their 2013 frisbee-throwing and 2014 ball-shooting FIRST Robotics competition robots, and presented the NAO Humanoid robot.                                                   

The Makerfest attendees were impressed by the team’s achievements. Students from Toms River High School North enthusiastically expressed how much they wished they had a program like Nemesis at their school. Nemesis entertained the Superintendent of Toms River with the benefits of FIRST Robotics and even inspired and explained the steps necessary to start an FRC team. The young bright-eyed attendees’ intrigue and elation made the event much more enjoyable for Nemesis’ team members. Seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces was a rewarding experience for all of our hard work. Build Executive and senior Christian Gavalchin elaborated, “It was such an amazing experience to be with so many like-minded people”.

Besides speaking to visitors to Nemesis’ booth, the team was also given the opportunity to view other Makerfest exhibits, including Manalapan High School’s booth where team members sophomores Araba Aikins and Julia Ruch were able to make their very own dazzling-red lightsabers, and Community Medical Center’s booth where team mentor Peter Wolfe operated di Vinci surgical machines. In the venue’s parking lot, junior Charlie D’Amico tested out one Maker’s Do-It-Yourself Go-kart.

“Seeing so many different STEM fields present their findings was an excellent experience. I am glad our team was able to contribute to this amazing atmosphere,” reflected Build Executive and senior Parth Mandrekar. Makerfest was an eye-opening venture into the future and a unique event that Nemesis was grateful to attend. The opportunity to inspire and be inspired was an incredible privilege.   


Nemesis Wows at Citi’s First Annual FIRST Robotics Event

In February 2014, Michael Corbat, the CEO of Citi, enthusiastically proclaimed to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, “We see ourselves as a technology company with a banking license”. This truth could not be any more evident than on Tuesday, October 13th, when the Citi offices in Warren, New Jersey generously opened up their doors to FIRST Robotics Team Nemesis 2590 from Robbinsville, New Jersey and four other FIRST Robotics teams from the area to showcase their robots and accomplishments to hundreds of Citi employees and executives.  

“Welcome to Citi’s FIRST Robotics event!” exclaimed Nemesis’ very popular interactive NAO robot to commence a day filled with excitement and education. A selection of individuals including former Mid-Atlantic Robotics President, Gene O’Brien, representative of the FIRST-founding Kamen family, Libby Kamen, and Nemesis’ very own Build Team Executive and senior Samantha Young spoke to an eager crowd of Citi employees, high school students, and young visitors . “I was ecstatic to see the support, interest, and overall enthusiasm for FIRST we encountered at Citi. After presenting to a crowd of people ranging from middle schoolers to technology professionals, I was approached by a Citi employee, and was humbled to hear her tell me that I was an inspiration to her daughter.” Each speaker discussed the importance of investing in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the lifelong rewards of programs such as FIRST Robotics.  

The remainder of the day was devoted to an engaging interaction between STEM-oriented high school students and the professionals who currently fulfill the STEM mission in their daily lives. Nemesis Build Executive and senior Christian Gavalchin stated, “It was an unparalleled experience being able to both learn from and even teach Citi employees implementing the STEM mission and we’re incredibly grateful to Citi for hosting this event.”

In addition to the NAO robot, Nemesis brought their 2014 and 2015 competition robots to the Citi offices. Throughout the day, attendees were certain to stop by Nemesis’ booth and perform a touch of tai chi or dance along to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with the NAO robot. Students enjoyed sharing stories of what they learned about building robots, writing business plans, working with limited time and resources, and participating on a team. FIRST conditions its students to become productive and meaningful global citizens, a fact that was on full display at Citi.

Within the venue, Citi constructed half of the 2015 competition field for the attending teams to give demonstrations of their robots competing in the 2015 season game Recycle Rush. The robots stacked plastic totes as quickly as possible, capped their stacks with recycling containers, and carefully placed plastic pool noodles, representing litter, inside the recycling containers . An official FIRST referee even participated in the event to give spectators the complete exhilarating experience of attending a competition.  

Among the hundreds of people attending the event, none brought greater joy to the students of Nemesis than a visiting FLL (First Lego League) Team of seventh grade students. Their enthusiasm for STEM and eagerness to learn inspired each and every member of Nemesis in attendance. “They were so open to learning about what we do and incredibly eager to join a FIRST Robotics team once they reached high school,” expressed Software Executive and senior Andrey Efremchev. The team was especially honored when the younger children enthusiastically approached members of Nemesis, asking, “Can I have your autograph?”

The team thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to present the team and all their hard work. Nemesis is incredibly grateful to Citi for their continuous support and generosity.


Nemesis: A World Class Contender

Robbinsville High School FIRST Robotics Team 2590 Nemesis once again placed among the world's best at the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis, MO this April. After winning the Hatboro-Horsham MAR District Event, Montreal Regional, North Brunswick District Event and competing at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships, everyone anticipated a successful appearance at Worlds. The FIRST Championships is an enormous competition, with over nine hundred teams present and over forty thousand students involved. Indeed, there was an incredible concentration of talent and intelligence gathered in the Edward-Jones Dome in St. Louis.

Chief Financial Officer Meghna Kuppuraju and the Business and Marketing teams spent long hours working late in Robbinsville High School’s tech lab, refining their business plan into a world-class composition, hoping to claim the Entrepreneurship Award at Worlds for the second consecutive year. After countless revisions and meticulous preparation, the Business Plan was ready to be presented to the judges at World Champs.

This year’s challenge, Recycle Rush, requires teams to work together in alliances of three to stack recycling totes and cans and dispose of litter (represented by pool noodles). The teams could take the totes from the landfill (a pile in the center of the field) or let human players deliver them through chutes. To gain extra points, litter could be thrown onto the other team’s field and both alliances could work together to build a coopertition stack in between their fields.   

Nemesis arrived on Wednesday, April 23, in time to prepare this year’s robot, Calypso, for the first qualification rounds of competition on Friday. The Build Team had worked tirelessly to improve the robot and make themselves a force to be reckoned with among the best of the best. Fully prepared for the competition, the team was ranked highly in the qualifying rounds, playing alongside teams from all over the world. There were also many local teams present, including Team 1923 MidKnight Inventors, from Plainsboro, Team 1089 Mercury from Hightstown, and Team 5024 Raider Robotics from North Brunswick and Team 2016 The Mighty Monkey Wrenches from Ewing.

The Business and Marketing Teams worked very hard, practicing their presentation late into the night, reviewing potential questions, and laughing their heads off when they were supposed to be memorizing a presentation upon which all of Meghna’s hopes and dreams for high school rested. They won the Hopper-Newton Entrepreneurship Award, making them one of the top four business teams in the world, for the second consecutive year! The success uplifted  the Marketing and Business Teams after pouring their best efforts into the business plan, and knowing all their hard work paid off gave the entirety of Nemesis a sense of pride. Calypso and her drive team finished the qualifying rounds in sixth place. The team stayed strong in the elimination rounds, and ended their season in the Hopper division quarterfinals.

Nemesis would like to thank their sponsors for making their 2015 season so incredible, and they look forward to another great season next year: Robbinsville High School, New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists, CCL Label, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Navair, Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Robbinsville Education Association, Carfaro Fencing, SRI International, Matrix New World, McGraw Hill Financial, R.A.S. Processing Equipment, Citibank, DesignTree, Gilbane, Elite Dental Care, Eagle Systems USA, Inc., Gaum International, Evans Analytical Group, Robbinsville Education Foundation, Coptis, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., NorthStar Vets, Triangle Copy, Bracco, Emtec, and Coldwell Banker. For additional information please  contact Team Advisor Joy Wolfe at


Victorieux à Montréal!

After an eight hour drive, a stop at the border, a visit to McGill University, and a confrontation with the bitter Canadian tundra, Robbinsville High School Robotics Team 2590 Nemesis excitedly entered Stade Uniprix, the venue of the Montreal Regional. Also known as Festival de Robotique, the Montreal Regional is a 3-day FIRST Robotics Competition primarily featuring teams from the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. But in 2015, a myriad of international teams including 1511 Rolling Thunder from Penfield, New York and even 5553 Robo’ Lyon from France made the long journey to Montreal for the event.

Arriving for a day of practice rounds on March 19, it quickly became clear that the Festival would prove challenging. Nevertheless, Nemesis seized the opportunity to meet with international teams and enjoy their time at the site of their first ever competition win in 2012. Team 2590 met with their old friends from Team 3990 Tech for Kids, who they shared an alliance with when they took the inaugural Montreal Regional three years ago. It had been an incredible experience, and Nemesis was excited to come back.

“I vividly remember winning Nemesis’ first ever blue banner my freshman year,”” said CEO Arnav Vast, “It’s great being able to go back to Montreal after three years and seeing how we’ve all developed as teams.”  

The Festival  kicked off the following day, and Nemesis faced fierce competition.This year’s challenge, RECYCLE RUSH, is a recycling-themed game played by two alliances of three robots each. Robots score points by stacking totes on scoring platforms, capping those stacks with recycling containers, and properly disposing of pool noodles, representing litter, into the recycling containers. Alliances also could throw “litter” onto the opponent’s side to raise their overall score. The playing field is divided into two halves by a landfill of totes and recycling containers.

Calypso, Nemesis’ 2015 robot, and the all-rookie drive team, still proud of their win at the Hatboro-Horsham District event earlier this season, were eager to prove their formidability on an international level and with a spot at the 2015 FIRST World Championship in St. Louis on the line.

Team 3360 Hyperion, from Sherbrooke, QC, started out strong with a fast, reliable design. The rookie Team 5528 Ultime used a double set of hooks to grab two recycling containers from the landfill at a time. At the close of day one, Robbinsville ranked third out of 48 teams, with Team 3360 Hyperion in first.

That night, Nemesis dined with Tech for Kids at their school, located in Montreal. Robo’ Lyon and a team from Vancouver also attended. It was a great opportunity for Nemesis to meet with other teams from around the world, and was an invaluable and rare experience.

The following day opened the second half of the competition. By the start of the playoff rounds, Nemesis was ranked in second place, just behind Hyperion. Hyperion selected Nemesis and Ultime, the rookie team, to join the first alliance for the playoffs. Dominating throughout the early playoff matches, including scoring the highest number of points of the entire competition in their first match, victory seemed within grasp for Nemesis’ alliance. They made it to the finals.

Against the third ranked alliance, Nemesis’ alliance valiantly lost in a very tight first match. Stress levels were high for both the drive team and the sea of Nemesis red supporters in the stands struggling to comprehend how important the next match would be. A win would force a final, decisive, winner takes all match. A loss would send Nemesis back to Robbinsville empty-handed.

Finally, it was time. Everyone in the arena had their eyes glued to the events on the field. Who would prevail? Stacks upon stacks were created in the both unbearably long and excruciatingly short 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the match. A last-gasp stack by Nemesis in the closing seconds of the match ultimately sealed victory for the alliance. In the final match, another very very close one that saw a flawless autonomous routine seal 20 points for Nemesis’ alliance in the first 15 driver-free seconds of the match. Those 20 points proved vital as the first alliance closed out the competition win and a trip to the World Championship with a resounding 189-166 victory.  

Reflecting on the finals, Build Team Executive and junior Parth Mandrekar enthused, “Losing that first finals match and then winning the next two opened my eyes not only to a victory, but also to what FIRST really is: a chance to display our expertise during those tense moments that define the competition”.  

Nemesis also won the Engineering Excellence Award for their highly efficient and reliable design. As a result of the team’s achievements in Montreal, Nemesis will be competing at the World Championships in St. Louis, MO, for their third consecutive year on April 8-11. Best wishes to the team in all their competitions to come!

Nemesis would like to thank their sponsors: Robbinsville High School, New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists, CCL Label, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Navair, Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Robbinsville Education Association, Carfaro Fencing, SRI International, McGraw Hill Financial, R.A.S. Processing Equipment, Citibank, DesignTree, Gilbane, Elite Dental Care, Eagle Systems USA, Inc., Gaum International, Evans Analytical Group, Robbinsville Education Foundation, Coptis, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., and Triangle Copy. For additional information please  contact Team Advisor Joy Wolfe at


Nemesis Starts the Season With a Win!

Nemesis strikes again!  With a brand new drive team introducing Calypso, their latest robot, Robbinsville High School Robotics Team 2590 Nemesis took home the Winner’s Banner for the third consecutive year at the Hatboro-Horsham District Event the weekend of February 28, 2015.

This year’s challenge, RECYCLE RUSH, is a recycling-themed game played by two alliances of three robots each. Robots score points by stacking totes on scoring platforms, capping those stacks with recycling containers, and properly disposing of pool noodles, representing litter into the recycling containers. Alliances also could throw “litter” on opponent’s sides to reduce their overall score.  

During qualification rounds the robot and drive team performed admirably, amassing points by stacking 6 totes at a time with recycling containers. Competing against 36 teams from New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware, Nemesis finished qualifications in 5th place.

Picked by the 2nd seed alliance captain, Team 2607 - Fighting Robo-Vikings, Nemesis, along with Rookie Team 5407- Wolfpack Robotics worked seamlessly, snatching recycling containers and racking up the stacks. Wolfpack Robotics uses an extendable claw to reach across the field and grab recycling containers, preventing their opponents from gaining extra points. The Fighting Robo-Vikings impressed everyone with their quick stacking ability and placement of recycling containers. Paired with Nemesis, the trio was virtually unstoppable.

Nemesis also won the Excellence in Engineering Award, celebrating an elegant and advantageous machine feature. The team had a great time at the competition, and is looking forward to another successful competition at the “Festival de Robotique” in Montreal, Canada on March 18th. Good luck, Nemesis!

None of this would be possible without our sponsors: Robbinsville High School, New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists, CCL Label, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Navair, Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Robbinsville Education Association, Carfaro Fencing, SRI International, Matrix New World, McGraw Hill Financial, R.A.S. Processing Equipment, Citibank, DesignTree, Gilbane, Elite Dental Care, Eagle Systems USA, Inc., Gaum International, Evans Analytical Group, Robbinsville Education Foundation, Coptis, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., NorthStar Vets, Triangle Copy, Bracco, Emtec, and Coldwell Banker. For additional information please  contact Team Advisor Joy Wolfe at


2015 Week 5: Marketing Journal

As Week Five comes to an end, Nemesis’s marketing team has yet again pulled off another successful Sponsor Networking Night. The Marketing Team has done so much work to make this event as successful as possible. Each and every individual spent countless hours sending letters, and making phone calls to past and future sponsors to show them what their generous donations have done for the the team and also to invite them to our annual Sponsor Networking Night. Team 2590’s sponsors come from all over New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and were amazed at how professionally the team presented themselves. One of the local government officials, Assemblyman Daniel Benson, a supporter of the STEAM program,  showed his support of the event  by tweeting live saying “Completely blown away by Robbinsville's Team NEMESIS”…“presentation tonight!”. In addition, the Robbinsville Board of Education complimented the team’s performance at Sponsor Night saying, “From the rigorous and appropriate academic program to the social conscience, I think the robotics program represents everything that's good about what we do.”After Sponsor Networking Night has ended, Nemesis is ready to show the panel of judges at our competitions this season with our stellar business plan and Chairman’s Award Video. All in all, the Marketing Team is ready to welcome the busiest week coming forth: Week 6!