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Eric Gladysz
Class of 2014

I am a senior at Robbinsville High School and this is my second year on the FIRST robotics team.  I am a member of the software team because I am very interested in programming.  I joined FIRST robotics because I wanted to explore programming and the various ways it can be utilized.  It is exciting to be responsible for the actions of a robot.

Currently, I am working with the LabVIEW software in order to be able to program the robot. I am working with other software members to hopefully create an exceptional robot software, to meet this year’s daunting challenge.

I am currently taking AP Computer Science and learning about JAVA. I have been in the marching band for three years as a bass drummer and am a percussionist in the concert band.  I also play piano. I enjoy playing chess, video games, and have always been interested in trains.

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