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Michael Cocciolillo
Class of 2017
Seton Hall University

Hello, my name is Michael Cocciolillo and I am a senior on the build team. Ever since I was in 4th grade when I attended our annual robotics Discovery Day I knew I wanted to join the Robotics team. Robotics has always been an interest of mine. Building tons of LEGOs and creating whatever I imagined as a kid was awesome. Being able to brainstorm and put multiple people’s ideas together into a finished product became my imagination realized. These past three years on the team have been great. Over these years I have made friends, learned how to use machinery and power tools, and learned what makes a team champions. To belong to a club like this has engaged my thinking and I have learned so much in the process. A few essentials I have learned from my experience with the team have been public speaking, how to use machinery, Computer Automated Design (CAD), and teamwork. I never would’ve thought that a Robotics Club was more than building robots. Public speaking has taught me to open up and to not be afraid. Speaking to sponsors, adults, and members of other teams is preparing me for after high school. I have to thank Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe and the other outstanding mentors for this education.

Outside of Robotics, I enjoy playing video games along with being active and participating in basketball. As a passionate New York sports fan I love going to New York Knicks basketball games and New York Giants football games. In the summertime I like to fish and ride wave runners in LBI with my family. Going to LBI on the weekends over the summer are always the best times.

I’m looking forward to another great but unfortunately final season full of memories with Nemesis.

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