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Tim Kovacs
Class of 2010
Penn State

My name is Tim Kovacs I graduated from Penn State in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Throughout my college career I had two engineering internships in New Jersey.  My first internship was with Sabre Systems Inc. as an engineering intern, where I helped full-time engineers with their projects. Next, I interned at Ingersoll Rand with the company Trane. I worked in operations performing process improvements through lean manufacturing.  After graduating I began full-time work with Ingersoll Rand.  Here I work as manufacturing engineer implementing new production lines and new product.

Through my experience in FIRST Robotics, I have learned many valuable lessons that have helped me to not only succeed in college, but also in life.  First (no pun intended) and most importantly, I learned the value of what teamwork and hard work can accomplish.  By spending the majority of my time during the build season and competition season with the same group of people, our robotics team began to feel like a family for me.  Whether we were eating meals, relaxing, or believe it or not building a robot, myself along with the rest of the team realized the amazing things that a TEAM can achieve when they work hard together.

Another very important thing that I gained through participation in FIRST were the skills that I was taught by mentors, teachers and other team members that assisted me in building the robot.  These physical and mental skills have also helped me in college where I am able to apply these skills to schoolwork and engineering projects that I am assigned. In addition, working with the technology lab’s tools and machines has given me a head start in my hands-on engineering classes at Penn State.

And lastly, but definitely not least, I learned that engineering can be fun.  FIRST Robotics is not only meant to be a challenge to build the best robot, but it is also about creativity as is all of engineering.  By being creative and innovative in the design of our robot, we were doing something that I have now realized is a very important part of engineering.  As engineers, we are counted on to design new products that can be used effectively in society, and this can only be done by taking into account current designs and innovating them to be used in ways that may have never seemed possible.

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