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Liam O'Toole
Class of 2017
University of Michigan

Hello, my name is Liam O'Toole and I'm a Senior at Robbinsville High School. Besides being my fourth year at the school, the 2016-17 season will also be my fourth year on Nemesis. This marks my second year as a marketing team member, after I switched from/betrayed the build team.

When not locked in the tech lab for hours on end, I'm locked in the band room for similarly long periods of time. Since 8th grade, I've participated in jazz and marching band, where I play the bass guitar and trombone. Moreover, I'm also a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society and a local alternative rock band, Full Circle. I enjoy challenging myself in school, particularly with the English and U.S. History courses. Despite a hectic schedule, I've managed to maintain agreeable grades and form friendships within the team.

As this is my final season on Nemesis, I hope to take on greater responsibilities and contribute the most I can to this team’s success.