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Mathew Joseph
Class of 2020

My name is Mathew Joseph. I moved to Robbinsville my freshman year of high school and was excited to learn that the high school had a robotics team, but I shied away at the mention of tryouts. Despite my want to be a mechanical engineer, I had no experience. This led to me not trying out my freshman year. I decided to take an engineering course within school to give me experience, and although the class didn’t really teach much of what I needed to know for robotics, it gave me enough confidence to try out this year. I was greatly pleased to hear that I made the team. Now I look forward to helping the team as much as I can.

Aside from robotics, I play soccer and tennis for the school. Although I only play soccer and tennis for the school, I enjoy almost all sports. I can play the piano as well. But I don’t really know how to play the classics. I like to play cool songs like ones on TV shows.

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