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Nolan Quon
Class of 2019

Hello! First off thank you for clicking on that beautiful face within the circle to learn that I am more than just another pretty face in the crowd. Along with being beautiful I’m also taller than both my sisters and better than both of them. All jokes aside I had always loved to build and always wanted to join robotics as a child. Ever since 1st grade when I had gone to Nemesis’s Discovery Day I was always amazed by the Tech Lab and the people that had worked there. That had sparked my inspiration for building, throughout my middle school I had taken on various after school projects building and working on robots. Today I am proud to be part of team nemesis and working with 2590 to enhance my building, leadership and teamwork skills. Last year as a sophomore I had learned these skills and many more, as a junior I’m ready to fully work and contribute to the team to bring everything I can to the table.

Outside of robotics I love to play video games with my friends do crazy stuff and just have fun. Tennis for me is a huge part of my life, as I’m part of the Robbinsville tennis team I play with a lot of my classmates, a few who are also on robotics with me. Along with Tennis I love to watch soccer in the morning (Go Chelsea F.C.) and watch football on Sundays with my family.

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