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Peter Mathews
Class of 2019

As a member of the build team on Nemesis for a year, engineering has been a formative influence on my life. Engineering has taught me how to formulate creative solutions to complex problems. From last year and previous experience, I developed a passion for solving difficult problems. Simply the challenging facet of that elicited a desire in me to tackle it head first. Also, the previous year on the build team taught me how to effectively work as a team to complete a project. If one team member is dictating what has to be done, leaving no room for other creative and innovative ideas to be made from other members, then the team will not function at its potential high caliber. Every single person is vital to the team’s success and there was no better way of learning that than allowing all build members to simply build. Time management was learned quickly soon into build season when I was in the lab for seven days a week. If procrastination was to take over my academics, I would have seen my grades plummet. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to excel in both school and on the team.

For my third year on the build team, I hope to delve and dive deeper into the STEM field and learn more about the field, as a whole. Also, I plan to become more involved with technology by learning, on my own, about forms of futuristic robots, especially humanoid robots.

Nemesis has taught me many things in the robotics field, but I plan to learn even more about robotics and other related fields in the upcoming year!

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