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Drive Team Andy Borowski, Blaine Zaffos, Peter Wolfe

New Jersey Regional Entrepreneurship Award

Sheldon, named after TV physicist Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory, is 2590’s second robot and made his first appearance in Lunacy. The slippery robot (not by choice) features a vertical conveyor belt used to collect moon rocks and super-cells. Once collected the balls enter a large and intimidating hopper which then opens its mouth full of sharp teeth and spits balls into opposing teams’ trailers. Sheldon is extremely efficient at collecting moon rocks and just as efficient at shooting them. However, everybody has their flaws and for Sheldon it is his slippery feet — don’t bring the subject up around him, it’s a very sensitive subject. Maybe, just maybe he can one day get a foot transplant and drive on Earth again, with traction.

The Challenge


Lunacy is played on a low friction field to simulate the surface of the Moon. Even the robots are equipped with slippery wheels. The robots will also tow payload trailers. During the game, “Orbit Balls” are designated as moon rocks, empty cells, or super cells. The basic idea of this year’s competition is to get these balls in your opponent's payload trailer and avoid getting them in yours. Alliances of three teams are formed and two alliances participate in each battle.