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Blaine Zaffos
Class of 2010
Ohio State University

After graduating from Robbinsville High School I decided to pursue further education at The Ohio State University studying Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace engineering focuses on flight control and design with specializations in aerodynamics, propulsion, and structures to only name a few. The engineering workload is very demanding and stressful at times, which FIRST greatly helped me prepare for. Time constraints and a demanding schedule from FIRST provided real-life engineering experience and prepared me for a rigorous college workload.

Also, being a founding member of Team 2590 provided valuable experience that was instrumental in college success. Starting the team with only a handful of fellow students, we had to work very hard to make a name for ourselves doing something that was new to us all. We were very persistent, dedicated, and professional in order to accomplish the early success we achieved and to land the corporate scholarships we obtained. This became incredibly useful in college because of the increased amount of independence and self-reliance. The only person to rely on for success is yourself, by working hard and taking full advantage of presented opportunities.

Getting involved with FIRST very early in my high school career helped build a strong interest for the field of engineering, and now I am pursuing an engineering degree in a specialization I am very passionate about. Ohio State is filled with limitless opportunities and I would encourage all to check it out, Go Buckeyes!

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