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Class of 2012
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 New Jersey Regional

FIRST Team 2590 Nemesis kicked off the LOGO MOTION competition season at the New Jersey Regional on March 3-5.  After passing inspection at a weight of 119.8 pounds, we prepped the robot and tested our driving on the practice field.  We made it to the Quarter-finals and won the Website Award!

At the regional, autonomous mode worked well and we consistently placed three tubes per match.  Our main problem was the minibot, which failed to align properly, preventing it from climbing the pole.  Finally, during the last qualifying match, the robot was lined up at the pole and as everyone in the stands had hoped, the minibot finally made it up the pole.  Thanks to the success of the minibot in the last match, we were picked by the fourth alliance to compete in the Quarter-finals. 

Unfortunately, the minibot did not work in the elimination rounds.  If we had gotten it up the tower in both Quarter-final matches, we would have advanced to the semi-finals.  Overall, the team’s hard work during the build season paid off as we were able to succesfully compete with our robot and the experience we have gained from this event will allow us to improve the robot as the team gears up for the Washington D.C. Regional