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Class of 2018
Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bag and Tag 2017

With the clock nearing midnight Nemesis drapes the bag over their hard work to officially end another Build Season.  The team is proud of their finished product. Six weeks filled with designing, prototyping, machining, and assembling concludes as they seal up the bag and the Build Season, opening the door to Competition Season. The team celebrates with sparkling cider and a little fun.  

The finished robot consists of a compilation of ideas from nearly every member of the team, hopefully forming a force to be reckoned with.  With new and innovative ideas constantly being proposed, the robot underwent numerous changes and transformed from a simple concept to a fully functioning robot, eager for Competition Season.  Feeling satisfied after facing the many engineering obstacles, Nemesis wipes their brows and lays down their tools.  

Now it’s time for Nemesis to make all necessary preparations for the first competition of the season.  This includes ensuring that the driver practices extensively with the team’s practice robot in order to master the game, putting the finishing touches on the software for the autonomous routine and teleoperated period, and planning game strategies.  But mostly, Nemesis looks forward to showcasing and competing with their robot at the Hatboro Horsham District Event.  

Nemesis anticipates the upcoming season with hope and excitement, ready to put their hard work to the test and go FULL STEAM AHEAD!