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Jared Glassband
Class of 2018

Starting off my freshman year

The upperclassmen smiled from ear to ear

They called out to the crowd, all eager and loud

Come out and join our club, please come now

And there sitting just right before me

A wonderful, unique opportunity

A robotics club, how fantastic a thought

So to the interview all my charisma I brought

I landed the gig and got on the team

But I wasn’t sure just what was my dream

Yet all of the sudden something happened by chance

The mentors approached me and asked: finance?

For two years I worked hard and worked long

I learned an enormous amount while my mind it grew strong

But as I got older my passions were altered  

I thought of my finance career and suddenly I faltered

My curiosity and desire for change became overwhelming

For the lure of the build team was awfully compelling

So junior year commenced and I started a-new

And my love for robotics, well it only grew

I learned and I learned, well my mind started filling

Inside my head oh the wheels! they were spinning

And now I’m a senior and still a Nemesis member

Creating memories that I will always remember

And once this final season ends

I’ll have forever so many great friends