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Class of 2014
Saturday, December 7, 2013

Robotics Discovery Day lights a Spark of Inspiration

Starting early on Saturday morning   and ending on Sunday afternoon, Nemesis hosted 92 students in grades 2-6 for our annual Robotics Discovery Day.    Although the four sessions seemed very long to us, the kids enjoyed the time together and we made a huge impact on them.   Excited and inspired, here's what happened when one camper returned home as related by his father:

"I just wanted to tell you about what an impact the robotics session had 
on Griffin this past weekend.  He was so fired up about it that when he 
got home, he was inspired to make something out of spare parts.  He 
dismantled an old broken remote control helicopter, and we combined it 
with some legos to make a working remote control car!!  He was so proud of this achievement that he took it to school for his 'share' today.

Also, I asked him about the HS kids on the robotics team that worked 
with them, and he described them as 'really smart'.  :)

THANK YOU to you and all the students that ran the program -- It 
certainly presented a compelling picture of a career in engineering, and 
in my opinion was an overwhelming success.

Thanks again,