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Class of 2015
Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 Week 4: Build Journal

Over the past few weeks, the Build Team has been hard at work prototyping different elements for this year’s robot. From the shooter to the intake, the build team has been making everything they could possibly imagine. This week, though, the build team put the machines hard at work. From the CNC mill constantly milling to the new router powering away, the sweet sound of grinding metal filled the room. We ran back and forth between watching the parts being made, taking them off quickly, and starting a new part before dinner is just the way we like it. First, Team Deburr smooths out the edges. Then, Team Scotch-Brite® takes the parts and makes them pretty and shiny. It has been no-stop work, well except when food comes or when it snows. Next step- testing.