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Deanna Gavlick
Class of 2015
Penn State

I am Deanna Gavlick. I am a senior at Robbinsville High School, and this is my third year on the robotics team. I am so happy I joined the team two years ago, but I wish I had joined the team earlier. I knew that I had an inclination to pursue math, science, and technology, but until I got to the high school, I was unaware of what could allow me to combine these two subjects. In my Freshman year, I was on the Robbinsville High School Freshman Basketball team instead of joining robotics. I enjoyed being on the basketball team, but I sometimes question if I should have joined the Robotics Team then. Besides being on Nemesis, I am on a travel softball team, which I have participate in since 6th grade and I have played on the Robbinsville High School golf team since my Freshman year.

Robotics has changed my life in so many different ways. I have learned how to manage my time, as well as how to stay calm and controlled when everything seems to be getting out of hand. Also, I have made great friends on the team. We all spend so much time together; so many strong friendships were bound to form. I know I can rely on the friends I have made and I am confident I will continue these friendships throughout college and the rest of my life. Nemesis has influenced my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Even as I am preparing to end my high school career, I will retain everything I have learned at, and through, robotics.