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Aditya Pillai
Class of 2017
Purdue University

Hello, my name is Aditya Pillai and I am a part of the build team, as I am a senior I love being a part of the build team, from CADing to using the drill press, because it's a great experience seeing ideas come to life. Watching the game animation in January is the best way to start the year.The ideas during week one that we think of during brainstorming and seeing it work during the week before competition season is a great feeling of success and accomplishment. Also, seeing the teamwork occur isn't just a great lesson but also a great experience as you will never see this type of teamwork anywhere else. In the future I hope to contribute as much as I can to the team as I envision a great 2017 build season coming up. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing sports. Some sports I enjoy for fun are football and basketball. Also, I like to spend time playing video games and watching TV. I can't wait for build season to start this year!

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