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Jessica Friedberg
Class of 2012
Colgate University

I was extremely skeptical about joining when Mrs. Wolfe approached me my sophomore year because I had never thought about joining the Robotics Team. I thought I would be out of place due to my lack of knowledge on how to build a robot. However, after deciding to join my junior year, I learned that there was more to do on the Robotics Team besides building the robot. I decided to join the Marketing Team. For Marketing, I helped organize and run fundraising and community service events. I also wrote articles and sent them to local newspapers to raise public awareness for the team. I occasionally took pictures as well as writing thank you letters to sponsors and working on the Chairman’s Award.  I learned many valuable skills in robotics that will not only help me through college, but also in the real world. The one thing I regret is not joining my sophomore year when I first found out abut the team!

Outside of Robotics, I participated in other extracurricular activities. I was on the Field Hockey team and I was also an active member in Friends of Rachel. Outside of school, I took dance classes and I baby-sat.

Overall, I am happy that I joined Robotics because it forced me to come out of my comfort zone and try new things.