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Julian Esteban
Class of 2012
Rutgers University

               My name is Julian Esteban.  I am currently a sophomore at Rutgers University, where I am pursuing a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in the hopes of working with robotics in the future.  Until high school, I was never really what major I wanted to pursue in college.  My interest in engineering and robotics started in freshman year.  I took Robotics 1 where I learned to design, build, and program small robots.  The projects we did in the class showed me how much I enjoy solving problems.  I then joined the robotics team, where I was a member of the build and software team.  Coming up with possible solutions for the FIRST competition challenges showed me how exciting engineering could be.  For me, the fact that engineering is a sort of creative outlet is what made it fun. 

                At competition, seeing other team’s robots made me realize that there are many ways of solving the same problem.   Some are better than others, and there are pros and cons to every design.  As a consequence, FIRST helped me better my decision making skills, which are very important to every aspect of the life and career of a full time engineer.  The long nights spent working on the robot forced me to learn about efficient time management, which has proved to be very important to me as a college student and future employee.  Working as part of the build and software sub-teams as well as interacting with the FIRST judges and other teams taught me valuable people skills about working with others and how to present myself, which will come in handy for future job experiences and interviews. Most importantly, with the completion of each of our robots, FIRST showed me the value of hard work and always doing your best to reach your goals, which is one of the most important lessons anyone can learn.  Without my experiences as a member of Nemesis 2590, I am confident that I would not have chosen a career in engineering.  The FIRST experience does an excellent job at showing high school students what engineering is all about, and as its acronym suggests, truly inspired me to appreciate science and technology.

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