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Matt Schwartz
Class of 2012
Northeastern University

I learned about Team 2590 and their accomplishments by reading about them in our local newspaper.  I had always been fascinated by robots and to have the chance to actually build one was hard to resist.  I decided to join the high school robotics team in my freshman year and I have been hooked ever since.  I had played in a number of sports prior to high school so I already knew that I enjoyed working together with people and being part of a team.  The same was true for robotics, but it has also helped me further develop my interest in math and science.  My desire to study engineering in college grew from my involvement with FIRST.  The program has taught me so much about taking those interests to the next level.

As I became more involved on the team my abilities and responsibilities grew. During my junior year I became Chief Technical Officer, Captain of the Build Team, and a member of the Drive Team. As a senior I still had those duties, but I took on a bigger role in mentoring my teammates.  My favorite thing about FIRST is that is not just about the robot, even though build team would like to believe so.  As the CTO I worked with all the other parts of the team and learned that there are so many talented people who help make it succeed. The advice I received from working along side the mentors and advisors is an aid to me in college as well as any future job. After four exciting years on the team I am so glad I read that newspaper article. 

When I was not in robotics I could be found playing with the high school’s concert band or competing on their ice hockey and spring track team.

Matt enjoys posing for embarrassing photos.

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