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Mehaa Gupta
Class of 2015
Princeton University

Hello, my name is Mehaa Gupta and I am currently a senior at Robbinsville High School. I joined the robotics team as a freshman because I had heard many wonderful things about the team and the people. After a few days of confusion, I decided that the build team was the best option for me. Ever since I was little, I have had a love for technology and a knack for pulling things apart to see how they work. It began with Legos and continued on to more complex things as I became older. I figured that robotics would help me channel my love for building, math, and science. Once I joined robotics I discovered that I would like to major in engineering in college.

However, robotics has provided me much more than just a direction in my life. Robotics has taught me how to work as a team and to accept the compromises that go along with it. It has taught me that things don’t always go your way and you have to accept that and move on. Robotics has taught me independence and has given me confidence I never knew I had. It has pushed me to work harder and put my best foot forward. It has given me a chance to pass on my knowledge to new team members as they enter the world of FIRST. And most importantly, robotics has given me an amazing group of friends that have become more like a second family now. It has introduced me to many people that I admire and look up to. I have met people that I trust and I am comfortable around. In the tech lab I have found a place that I can call my second home. I am lucky to have found such an incredible group of people that have the same mindset as me as we all work together to accomplish our goals.