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Zach Brown
Class of 2012
University of Maryland

I joined the Robotics team because I believe it is the perfect place to test and challenge my science and engineering skills. My job when I was on the team was to help build the robot and program it to complete its task. This means that I worked with everyone in the build and software programming teams to help bridge the gap between what could be built and what we could actually program the robot to do. I loved being part of the brainstorming team for each group. It gave me a chance to use my imagination to think of creative and original ways to solve problems.

I’m was dedicated student at Robbinsville High School deeply involved in the engineering and science departments. I also played varsity attack on the school’s lacrosse team. In addition to my work for the Robotics team I was a senior member of the school’s Science Olympiad team. Besides my science skills I was also a Team Captain on the school’s undefeated debate team. One year when I was on the team, we brought home the CVC championship. Now, I am majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland.

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