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Michael Mathews
Class of 2018

As a member of the 2014-2015 Robotics team, I am a part of Build team. Being able to construct robots isn't as easy as following the instructions that come with a Kit of Parts. Having a background in Physics, Geometry, Algebra, and even IED helps give me a firm understanding of what I'm dealing with coming into this program. For example, learning in IED about Inventor Pro is essential leading into CAD, which is frequently used in Robotics. Being a newbie to the Robotics program, I can say that so far working with the entire team has been a blast. Every single member of the team is dedicated and thrilled about working as a team to succeed and progress together. So far, we have won Brunswick Eruption and had successful Discovery Day, promising success with upcoming Build Season. I hope that this program will give me a broad understanding of the world of engineering and to inspire me to design and construct prototypes as far I can imagine.

As a lover of books, church, running, family, and music, I try to live my life. Involved in Cross Country and Jazz Band in the fall, I had a lot of my school life occupied. I am also involved in Student Government, which is where we meet to plan out the Freshmen Class of 2018’s four years of high school, including funding for upcoming events. I plan to continue with Jazz Band, Student Government, and Robotics full year and join Tennis in the spring.


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