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Niratjot Grewal
Class of 2017

Hi, my name is Niratjot Grewal and I am on the robotics team for 2016 for the build team. I am in 11th grade and my interests are Soccer, music, math and robots. I play soccer for the school and a travel team. My favorite subjects have been math, science and IED. I was interested in robotics because I have always enjoyed building objects. I also love doing hands on activities that require you to build something. My hobbies are listening to music, playing basketball/soccer and reading.   

In robotics I want to learn how to build robots and the process of designing and building robots. I expect build season to be a lot of fun but I expect to learn many things during the build season. I also want to learn how to solve problems the fastest and easiest way possible. I hope that robotics can be fun and teach me many things at the same time.