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Samantha Young
Class of 2016
Olin College of Engineering

Hello my name is Samantha Young. I am currently a senior at Robbinsville High School. This is my fourth year as part of 2590's Build Team. I learned of the team through my older brother. The summer after my 8th grade year I joined my family on an amazing trip to Indiana for the Indiana Robotics Invitational where robots competed in the 2012 game Rebound Rumble. After seeing the excitement on the field and the hard work in the pits, I knew the Robbinsville High School Robotics Team would be the place for me.

I had always liked creating things and solving problems so I joined the Build Team my freshman year. At first I was very worried because I had no knowledge of how to build a robot and possessed no prior experience with power tools. With the help of the wonderful mentors and older build team members I caught on to the fast paced world of the back of the tech lab. Thanks to them I was able to understand the makings and workings of Athena, Nemesis' 2013 robot. My first year was truly fantastic. I learned a very important fact of life. Forget summer, build season is the best season.

Even when I am not at Robotics I can still be found in the tech lab. Who can blame me; the lab has the coolest stuff, like the MakerBot, Form1+, and laser printers.  This year I am vice president of the Robbinsville High School Technology Student Association. Outside the tech lab, I like playing with my dog, duck, and Silkies. During the fall, you will find me on the football field at halftime in the rifle line in the marching band. Springtime hails track season, where I throw discus. Year round, I am a member of the student council. I am looking forward to another wonderful year to come with Team 2590.

Check out this article I wrote for Olin College of Engineering: