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Karla Dimatulac
Class of 2014

After spending all four years of high school in this program, there was really no surprise that I'd come back. FIRST has introduced me to my second family, or at least, a group of nerds who affectionately fight over the last animal cracker. In the end, I owe it to robotics for introducing me to the world of marketing. As part of the marketing team, I loved meeting new and interesting people at competitions. I have long since abandoned my misguided Asian ambitions of going into medicine, instead pursuing a double major in Marketing and Political Science at Rutgers Business School. My goal is to someday work for the United Nations.

Outside all things FIRST, I am involved with the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs (IDIA) at Rutgers University. My favorite pastimes include writing, shopping, and shamelessly building my empire on the Sims. I am also an avid fan of sushi, berets, and most of all, Benedict Cumberbatch.