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Antonio Papa
Class of 2014
Princeton University

I joined the robotics team my freshman year for the 2011 game. FIRST robotics was such an amazing experience that I’m so grateful for. I was the software executive and on the drive team for the 2013 and 2014 seasons. We had a lot of competitive success those years, including back to back MAR Championship wins and a trip to Einstein. My time on Nemesis taught me so much about engineering and helped me decide which career path to pursue.

I love building robots, so I’ve decided to continue with that in college. As a member of the Princeton Robotics Club I’m leading a team to build a maze solving robot for the Brown Robotics Olympiad. Also, I’m mentoring Trenton Catholic Academy’s robotics team, 5684. They need some help starting up this year, but with my experience from Nemesis I’m sure we’ll have a successful robot.

Currently I’m studying computer science and plan on graduating with a degree from the School of Engineering.