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Julia Borowski
Class of 2014
Yale University

Starting in my freshman year, I was a member of the build team, working specifically with the electronics.  Each year, it seemed, we were presented with the challenge of fitting an increased amount electronics in an ever decreasing area.  As a build executive, I helped prepare our new members for build season so that everyone was ready for those hectic but fun six-weeks.  I also helped present our team's Chairman's Award submission.

My very first peek into FIRST robotics was with my older brother.  I went to see him at the 2009 New Jersey Regional competition and discovered what he had been spending the previous 6 weeks doing.  There was so much going on in the arena, from the current match being played to the frenzied pit crew to the many teams that were cheering for their robots.  I was only in seventh grade at the time, but I knew that I would be hooked.  Now, after attending many of my own, I understand why everyone was so excited about these competitions.  Not only were there intense matches, but also the opportunity to see each team's design and how they approached the challenge.

Outside of robotics, I was the captain of the cross country team and a four-year varsity runner.  I thoroughly enjoy going on long-distance runs and racing 5ks.  In the spring, I ran varsity track, racing in mainly the 1600m and 3200m races. Also, I was a member of our school's National Honor Society and French Honor Society.  After high school, I plan to study chemistry in college.